How this book came to be

It all started with a walk down the street in Manhattan in the fall of 2008. While sharing thoughts about life, Diana mentioned one of her core beliefs to Matthew: “I think you live the life that you choose.

Matthew remembers stopping and making a note of this pearl of wisdom in his notebook. As an American, and by definition an outsider to Romanian culture, Matthew sensed that there was much hidden wisdom within the Romanian culture that was unrecognized and underappreciated in the world. He had the epiphany that a book could be created to act as a bridge for this wisdom to America and beyond. They explored this idea over dinner that night and set about creating what became The Little Book of Romanian Wisdom.

The journey took almost 3 years and included many trips to Romania, countless interviews and literally hundreds of hours. What resulted is a 184-page book of quotes and pearls of wisdom from over 100 people from across Romanian culture.
We were both delightfully surprised at the many famous and beloved Americans who were unknown carriers of Romanian Wisdom, having been born in Romania. People like actors Edward G. Robinson, John Houseman and Johnny Weissmuller.

In the process of completing the book we were inspired to reach out and connect with many wonderful Romanians who shared their wisdom, including Hollywood’s natural beauty expert Anastasia Soare, bestselling authors Dr. Carmen Harra and Aura Imbarus, actress and model Monica Birladeanu/Dean and many others.

In this blog we will be sharing interesting insights about Romanian culture, people and wisdom in general. We welcome your contribution and we invite you to join us on the never-ending adventure of learning.

Sanatate! (Great Health to you in Romanian)
Diana & Matthew

Diana & Matthew in NYC

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