Book Party in NYC: Carmen Harra, Wholeliness, Wisdom, Champagne and Wonderful People

It’s been said that things that are meant to happen will happen no matter what. This was the case with our friendship with bestselling author Carmen Harra. Our connection goes back to 2010 when we introduced her to our project The Little Book of Romanian Wisdom and she happily participated in it.

Book Party Invitation

Another thing that was meant to happen was our first trip together to Canada. On a Sunday afternoon Matthew and I were packing our bags to go on a 5-day adventure to Montreal. From there we were supposed to drive home through Vermont and New Hampshire to meet new friends and reconnect with old ones. Right before our departure I connected with Carmen who told me that in just a few days (Friday) she was having a Book Launch Party for her new book Wholeliness in NYC and that she’d like us to join her there and talk about our book.

Montreal was amazing! The food, streets, history, views and atmosphere made it so charming, yet its most valuable asset is its friendly people. Needless to say our time in Montreal was fantastic yet it came to an end on Friday morning when we had to start driving back to New York City to join the Book Party. After 7 hours of driving, a speeding ticket and a stop at the house to put on our celebration clothes, we arrived in NYC. Nearly 100 people welcomed us at the Morgane Le Fay boutique on Madison Avenue where the book party took place.

Bubbly Champagne, delicious dessert, photographs snapped to memorialize the moments (to see the pictures from the event click here), television crews, books and beautiful people made the evening a wonderful one. We were all there to celebrate Wholeliness and Wisdom. While Carmen explained how we must embrace Wholeliness to transcend this challenging era and foster unconditional fulfillment in our lives, Matthew and I talked about the role wisdom plays in overcoming these interesting times; how it is very important to reconnect to our inner wisdom and also the wisdom of our ancestors to guide us in moments of uncertainty. It was a unique evening that will percolate in all of our minds for a long time.

Cheers! Noroc!

Everyone learned more about the world and about Romania. The night ended with Noroc! (Nor-oak!) – Cheers in Romanian – which everyone learned how to say.
Looking forward to seeing you at our next book party,

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