Romanians have an engrained wisdom, an ancestral quality to inspire, create, and guide others. The Little Book of Romanian Wisdom proves once again their perception, knowledge, judgements, and passions. Nicely crafted, the book is the ultimate guide for all the ones interested in discovering themselves while learning about this mystical country: Romania.
     Aura Imbarus, educator, speaker and author of the
     Pulitzer Prize nominated book Out of the Transylvanian Night

Wisdom seems to find us in the exact moment in which our soul is in a quest for answers or for something to resonate with. The whole magic of wisdom: it knows no boundaries of language, religion or political color. Wisdom is what stays behind and crystallizes inside us when experience, genius, suffering, age or all of the above wash away the shores of our lives. That's why I am so proud that two wonderful people like Diana and Matthew came up with the idea of making the secret gems of Romanian wisdom known to the entire world, as they often go unseen or neglected. They're food for thought as well as for the soul, because genuine emotions are what our souls truly feast on...
Diana-Florina Cosmin, Editor-in-Chief of Forbes Life, Romania

This little jewel of Romanian Wisdom is a huge gift of inspiration from two talented people and a small nation. Who knew that Romania concealed such wisdom? Once you start reading it, you won't be able to put it down. Don't pass this treasure by.
     Dr. Phil Nuernberger, host of the This Amazing Life radio show; author of The Warrior Sage;
     President of Strategic Intelligence Skills

Each quote in The Little Romanian Book of Wisdom should be offered as a toast to the brilliance and spirit of the Romanian people...much  as one would do with a shot of ţuica [Romania's home-brewed national liquor], one great "spirit" acknowledging the other. Noroc!
Robert Friedman, M.D., co-author of The Divine Code of Da Vinci, Fibonacci, Einstein
     and YOU and The Golden Ratio Lifestyle Diet

As long as I can remember, I have collected quotes that touched me. Perhaps they were funny, profound, puzzling, or beautiful. The Little Book of Romanian Wisdom is full of inspiring quotes and stories that I can add to my collection, and use in my work and life.
Gurumarka Khalsa, yogi, spiritual guide and author, Total Fitness



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